new steps at LAKIDAIN about COVID-19

May update,

Due to this health crisis caused by COVID-19 and affecting globally, from Lakidain we have implemented all safety and prevention measures to preserve the safety and health of our employees.

In this situation, we have seen the need to give a new approach to our production and reorganize our functions.

We are slowly resuming our usual production, but above all, we are at maximum performance with our new product ALAN.

We are producing an elastic cord ideal for making sanitary masks, but also perfect for hats, gowns and sanitary shoe covers.

It is a cord made of polyamide and elastane, 2.5 mm in diameter and available in 11 colours, but we can study the possibility of producing it in other colours on demand.

Currently available colours are industrial white (0), red (5), pastel blue (7), klein blue (10), navy (11), pistachio (17), orange (21), black (23), pearl grey (72) and lavender (120). Our production is in rolls of 100, 500 or 1000m, but we can also distribute quantities in bulk from 4000m.

We are not the only ones who have adapted their productive approach. Some of our customers have also taken a turn in their business to respond to the current demand for scarce material in hospitals and healthcare institutions, and we are supplying major domestic and international operators who are very satisfied.

From Lakidain, we are very satisfied with the collaborations we have altruistically made with the town council of our town, with residences and with the network of volunteers who made masks, giving our elastic cord to be able to make masks.

We have already stopped making masks (not approved) that we distribute between nursing homes, and other health centres, because we have focused our efforts on the elastic cord, and to gradually resume our ordinary activity. To guarantee the best possible service, our facilities are open with the usual schedule and part of our sales team is at your disposal to be able to attend to your requests.