Dear customer and friend,


We sincerely hope that you are healthy and with renovated spirits to continue to fight within our sector.

As you may already know, at Encajes Laquidain SAU we have decided to tidily end the production of our articles as well as the development of new collections.

After more than 60 years, we have come a long way together where, fortunately, joy has prevailed above sad moments.

We have shared visits, trips, letters, phone calls, Telex, fax, emails… and closer in time, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Back in time, samples travelled in envelopes by post and now it is done by online flying folders. Fairs used to be in person and currently they are beginning to shift online, just as videocalls. Everything, as life itself, has developed and will continue to do so at an ever-increasing frenetic pace.

For various and diverse reasons, we believe that it is time to shift our business strategy, which has led us to take this sad but well contemplated decision.

Regardless, at Lakidain we are extremely proud of the work accomplished and the road we have travelled. We equally feel that all this effort should not be wasted because of certain business decisions.

We believe that our products and collections deserve having continuity, and that our customers, friends in numerous cases after decades of relation, deserve it as well.

For this reason, we have reached an agreement with IEMESA, a long-standing business in the sector as well, in order to give the aforementioned continuity to a substantial portion of our articles.

References such as our tulle MEDI, BAMBI, fantasy or cotton primed tulles, the wide range of plumettis and dot fabrics, our family of narrow laces and its organic cotton range, several of our collections made of polyamide, as well as numerous complements of all kinds, will be supplied by IEMESA, to whom don’t hesitate to reach out for any of your needs, being articles previously made by us and including new design proposals.

At Industria de Encajes Mecánicos, IEMESA, they are committed to a more sustainable manufacturing when it comes to materials, proximity of origin of threads and ecologically backed fabric finishing.

Their products, to which they incorporate a substantial amount of our collection, are completely compatible between them. We firmly believe the decision taken will give continuity to several of our appreciated product lines and will help customers and the market to continue developing and to get back stronger from the complex situation we are all currently living.

From our end, we cease production, but not activity. We are committed to the beforementioned desires by giving support to this new alternative, answering to any and many of the doubts and inquires you may have via our usual telephone and email channels. And lastly, as it could not be in no other way, walking by the side of IEMESA, who understands that this project deserves the necessary effort to sustain it in the future.

It has been a pleasure, an honour and a great challenge to share with all of you this unforgettable journey, at a business and human level.

A big hug and farewell,



IEMESA contact details:
Sr. Marc Terraza,

+ 34 937103262

+ 34 689189843